Sat Nam

If you are needing more movement, stretching & strengthening, yoga is a great tool! As a personal trainer for over 11 years, I love Yoga! It works on strength, stability, mobility, posture & functionality in a calm and non detrimental way. 
If you are finding yourself getting stressed, overwhelmed or holding tension,  give a regular yoga practice a go.  Yoga is a perfect way to take your mind away from 'life' for the duration of the practice, to be present in your body with a quiet mind and therefore calm your nervous system & return it to it's natural state again!
I am a big believer in connecting to your true self to be as conscious and authentic as possible. Too many people are living in survival mode, numbing out and walking around as mere shadows of themselves. This is not living!  
Life wants us to be whole in the fullest & truest sense of the word. Knowing who you are, doing everything from your heart, and acting out of love not fear, allows you to live a healthy, wholesome & fulfilling life full of authenticity. Yoga keeps us connected to our self, our heart, our spirit & helps us live a wholesome life! 
I teach in small groups in Sydney & I have free online practices you can do anywhere in the world!
Contact me for a face to face session or try my online practices in the comfort of your own home.
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